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Natural Slates

Beautiful, durable and popular slate is recognised as one of the finest roofing materials available, with a unique natural beauty and proven durability. It is fully waterproof and will endure extreme temperatures, it has been popular with generations over the centuries.

Mined from solid rock then processed and split into thin sheets in a range of thicknesses and sizes, it typically comes in a range of grey, blue, green, purple and black colours and will not discolour with age. Spain is possibly the largest exporter worldwide, with highly consistent and good quality natural slate at a competitive price. Canadian slate is processed from rock with exceptional consistency and an attractive light grey colour. The UK boasts some of the finest natural slate, from a selection of quarries including; Welsh Slate from Penrhyn and Snowdonia, Cumbrian Slate from Burlington and Westmorland Green, and Cornish Slate from Delabole. Further diversity in terms of quality, colour and cost can be found from slate quarried in France, Brazil, Argentina and China. As responsible roofing contractors, AJH Roofing co only source slates in accordance with BS 12326-1:2014 Part 1.


Man-made Slates

Man-made slate is the widely used and affordable alternative to its natural counterpart. Manufactured from reconstituted slate dust, fibre-cement or concrete they offer excellent resilience to the elements and create a smart, uniform roof with the charm of natural slate.

With a more consistent size and shape, they can be laid broken bond to provide watertight protection and for pitches down to just 15 degrees. They are typically supplied with pre-drilled holes to further speed installation, saving you more time and money on your projects.

AJH Roofing co recommends man-made slates from Cembrit, Marley Eternit, SVK and other trusted manufacturers. Their slates are available in a wide range of random textures, edge finishes and colours to recreate the appearance of a natural slate.

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