AJH Roofing offer moss removal cleaning service for roofing slates, clay tiles and concrete tiles.


Moss build up on roof tops is extremely common. Moss can damage your roof by trapping water which causes wear and tear on your roof. Removing moss from your roof is a simple process - the most is scraped off first and then sweeped by hand using a stiff broom to ensure all loose bits are brought down and not left to fill your gutters back up.


We supply and install any broken tiles that are found once your roof is cleaned. We also give your gutters a full clean and ensure all downpipes are clear of any debris and are free-flowing.


Unlike many other roof cleaning services, we use the proven method of hand cleaning. We do not use pressure washers to remove the moss build-up. The use of a pressure washer can give a good clean look to your roof but it actually kills the roof. Pressue washers completely strip the colour of the roof, weaken the tiles and causes unnessecary damage to your roof. 


Give us a call or send us an email - we will give the best advice on how to clean your roof.

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